Launch live shows. Earn every minute. Launch theme live shows to engage users.

Public broadcasts Tell them how to cook a Peking duck correctly, sing a song you composed yourself or show how to effectively train abdominal oblique muscles. Hold drawing masterclasses, read fantasy books online, discuss movie news or play videogames in front of the camera.

Viewers are always willing to pay for the high-quality show.

You can start broadcasting on Creators Dashboard.

Paid activities You can also add paid interactive activities. For any of them, a viewer always pays in advance. Most interesting activities have a higher cost.

Private broadcasts Such broadcasts have the highest cost per minute. Plus, a viewer always pays to enter. So, you can hold paid private lessons or meetings and allow or restrict access for other users.

If a viewer likes you, they can send you a gift or some encouragement. Both will bring you income.

Launch a vivid show or a home video blog? It is up to you. With us, you will earn even having no experience.

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